Hand Painted Denim Jackets

I started painting fabric earlier this year and suddenly I couldn’t stop. I experimented on cotton, silks, and all types of blends until finally, just before our vacation I ran to pick up a new denim jacket and I painted that, too.


A denim jacket makes a beautiful canvas! I love to express myself through my clothing and it’s been so fun to make these in a style I love and in color combinations that inspire me and my artwork. I live for bright colors but I also love the bold touch of metallics, and I never met an animal print I didn’t love. I hoped to capture a little bit of all of that with this first set of jackets.

Please be in touch at hello@monicashulman.com if you’d like to learn more. Click here to see all of my currently available hand painted denim jackets.

Monica Shulman Hand painted Denim
Monica Shulman Hand paintedDenim